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In addition to deterring crime, a security system can be used to restrict access to controlled areas, monitor/record access activity, reduce personnel costs, and even give your staff peace of mind regarding their own safety.

As with our other disciplines our expertise enables us to offer fully integrated systems. Therefore be it a single door system or a PC based application providing the integration of intruder detection, CCTV, access control and building automation ... 'you can rely on us'.

There are a number of access control systems available, ranging from keypad entry systems, magnetic strip "swipe" cards/identification cards and access badges, proximity cards (which can be waved at a reader rather than "swiped" through a slot) for quick easy access, to biometric devices (such as hand geometry readers, retinal scanners, and voice recognition) which will virtually ensure that only authorised personnel (not just the right card or access code) gain access through a door, turnstile or lift.

Stringent access restrictions can be built in to ensure that only specific individuals/graded personnel can enter areas at particular times of the day, or even days of the week. What's more, access can be closely monitored and recorded showing when staff arrive and leave, what areas of a building they access, and where an attempt is made by a card holder to access an area that they are not entitled to enter. Furthermore, through connections to an alarm system, visual, audible or remote alarms can be triggered when a door is forced, a card reader exception is recorded, or a duress signal received.

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Securing your business

Securing your business





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