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Surveillance cameras are becoming increasingly popular in both commercial and residential applications. Installed within a noticeable housing, the presence of a surveillance camera can act as a deterrent for would be criminals. Hidden from sight, and the camera can be used to obtain evidence of a criminal activity. Furthermore, surveillance cameras offer you the flexibility of indoor/outdoor usage, and the ability to cover large/small areas not readily accessible the naked eye.

With Closed Circuit Video Equipment, the system can be used as a deterrent, whilst also ensuring that any criminal or suspicious activity is recorded on video to aid Police in apprehending the culprits, 24 hours a day.

In high-risk areas, where the public, employers or even your premises may be at risk, Euro Security Systems can install surveillance cameras which will transmit pictures to your security station, enabling trained operators to see your site at the push of a button, and even shadow suspicious characters around the premises.

CCTV is a powerful surveillance tool. Not only do we at Euro Security Systems have the ability to provide your system requirements but also the responsibility to design out any possible infringements that may affect other people's Civil Liberties. Therefore the design criteria for CCTV requires a serious and professional approach, from camera recording facilities through to remote survelliance.

Monochrome or colour; internal or external; covert locations or prominent; 'local', intergrated, or monitored by our Central Station; the choice is endless, but each system is designed to meet your specific needs.

Civil Liberties

Euro Security Systems Ltd have the ability to provide all your system requirements but also have the responsibility to design out any infringements of Civil Liberties.

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We operate a free of charge site survey policy. This enables you to meet with one of our CCTV engineers and discuss your exact requirements. The engineer will prepare a quotation for the work required, free of charge and without obligation.

Protecting your staff

Protecting your staff



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